Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage can be tailored to the needs of the client and involves work on muscle tension and toxin release, lymphatic drainage and soothing and calm effleurage on the skin, and circulation of the entire body. Working together we can sooth away those, aches, pains, soothing away the stresses that life can throw at us....

Price for this Massage is....£45.00 for 60 minutes

                                       £60.00 for 90 minutes

Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian Massage, also known as Lomi Lomi, can help to facilitate the overall balance of the body, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally, treating the body as ‘whole’. The massage will never be the same twice, but instead performed taking each individuals needs in to account. It can be either slow and relaxing, or faster and more invigorating, but usually a little of both, comprising of a deep and rhythmical flow using the forearms, heel of hand and elbows in long, flowing strokes, replicating the motion of the gentle ocean waves. I tend to mix this with traditional massage techniques.


Price for this Massage is....£45.00 for 60 minutes

                                  £60 for 90 minutes

Back Shoulder and Neck Massage

This massage generally works over the lower back, spinal column, shoulders and back of the neck to release muscle tension and aid toxic release, and can end with a very gentle face massage. This massage really can be tailored to your desire, concentrating at specific problem areas. It can be a good follow up from a Deep Tissue or Lomi Lomi massage....


Price for this Massage is....£30.00 for 30 minutes 


A Reiki Healing Treatment can feel like a warm glowing energy is resonating throughout the body, dispelling blocks of negative energy within the body, mind and spirit. After a treatment you may feel a release of emotion and a sense of calm, wellbeing, security and serenity.

Price for a Healing is.... £35.00 for 60 minutes

Please Note

There will be a consultation on your first visit which normally lasts about 20 minutes. I do not charge for this time but there will be a small charge of £5.00 for home visits

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